Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is an amazing forum. Wonderful place for marketing ideas, recipes, ingredient tips, and basically the ins and outs of handmade bath and body products. Today I learned these interesting marketing tips:

- To try to be featured in magazines, send the editor (whichever one deals with bath and body or beauty) samples of your products, but when you send it, it MUST be very professionally wrapped, including a brochure of your products and information about your business, and even a .jpg (on disc) with your product pics on it; also include your business card and contact info

- It may be easier to get into your local magazine. They are usually looking for interesting local people or businesses to write about.

- The freelance writer or your local newspaper is your BEST FRIEND. Be kind to them and give them any and all the information they need, and afterwards send them a thank you card and maybe even a gift of your products. These folks will often contact you again for information or a related story, and even sell the same story again, but with a different spin on it.

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