Saturday, August 29, 2009


Check out Not The Same.  They are from Calistoga, California, and their specialty is making natural bath and body products out of mud.  I'm sure you've used a mud mask before, well, just below I've listed some of their mud products that I am sure you will want to check out.  They also have seaweed products. 

Calistoga Mud Bath - special blend of muds and salts are great for pain relief, detoxification, increased circulation, and deep relaxation

Calistoga Mud Mask - deep cleansing facial and body treatment; blend of mineral rich muds draw out toxins and impurities such as environmental pollutants, black heads and blemishes; as the mask dries it stimulates circulation which tones and tightens your skin and softens wrinkles

Calistoga Seaweed Mask - a blend of seaweeds and mineral rich magnetic clay. Spirulina and Kelp help restore essential minerals and nutrients to your skin that are regenerative and help to eliminate wrinkles. Super-charged Bentonite clay stimulates circulation which tones and tightens your skin. This mask also draws out unheathly skin impurities

Calming Seaweed Bath - special blend of seaweeds, mud and salts are great for drawing out toxins and relieving everyday pain and tension

Products for Outdoorsy Folks:  horseback riders, cyclists, hikers, campers, ranchers,  etc.

They also have aromatherapy sprays that are great for purifying your air.

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