Saturday, August 22, 2009


Roots of Men's Fragrances

* Nero loved roses so much, he would have banquets covered with rose petals

* King David saturated his clothes with aloe and cassia, which is a type of cinnamon.

* Napoleon recognized that strong perfumes would promote laziness and lust, which he thought would prevent his troops from doing their job.

It was "manly" to just simply use water that smelled of citrus, like orange and lime, and a woody base note like sandalwood and cedarwood. Fragrances not acceptable to manly scents were flowers and musk and amber. Poor guys:(

Fragrance Rebels

It wasn't until the 1950's that the fragrance revolution for men took place. Fragrances introduced by Dior House, which we all know is famous for their fashion, were daring because they appealed to both men and women. The floral notes that were unacceptable were now becoming popular, and this opened up a flood of new creations for men.

Colognes like Paco Rabanne pour Homme, Davidoff's Cool Water (my husband loves this one), and New West by Aramis, have all capitalized on this new "openess" in men's fragrances.

Eat your heart out Mr. Napoleon:)

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