Friday, August 14, 2009


Natural, handmade lip balms are easy to make and so, so....did I say so? so much better for those luscious kissers of yours. Store bought lip balms usually have a petroleum base, which is good for that immediate relief you need for your chapped lips, but if you've noticed, the more you use the more your lips stay dried out.

Natural, handmade lip balms made with moisturizing vegetable oils are better for your lips because the oils are able to soothe and soften your lips, and protect against moisture loss and those harsh wintery cold days.

Vegetable Oils you will find in the lip balms that I produce:
Sweet Almond Oil - conditions

Coconut Oil - moisturizes and softens

Avocado Oil - moisturizing, healing, and contains large amounts of vitamins A, D, and E

Cocoa Butter - retains and restored moisture to your skin

Shea Butter - nourishes

Sources for my research: The Soapmaker's Companion: A Comprehensive Guide With Recipes, Techniques & Know-How, 1997, by Susan Miller Cavitch


Ten Digit Creations said...

Great Lip Balms!

Where do you live in CO? My wife and I are planning our 15th anniversary there next year. We spent our honeymoon in Breckenridge and want to come back next year to celebrate. Naturally I'm not asking exactly where you live; only what area?

Serendipity Soap Works said...

Hey thanks for the compliment. I took a look at your Etsy shop, and you have an amazing selection. I'm actually still pretty new, so I still have more products to list and more pictures to take.

We are located in Colorado Springs and have found that this is a good area to sell handmade soap. Maybe it's because of the dry weather, not sure.

Feli said...


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