Sunday, August 2, 2009

Speed Networking

Has anyone ever gone to a Speed Networking function at there local Chamber of Commerce before? I will be experiencing this for the first time this Wednesday. I am a little nervous, but I have done some research to better prepare myself. These are some of the TIPS I've read so far:

1.) Prepare a 2 minute speech describing who you are, your business, how you can benefit others, and what you are looking for.

2.) Bring a pen (seems obvious, but for us 1st timers, it could be easy to forget, I'm sure) and lots of business cards, brochures, and/or any other marketing materials you care to give out.

3.) When business cards are exchanged make sure to read the other participant's card aloud to help you better remember this person's name and face.

4.) Write a brief note on the back of the other participant's business card to also help you better remember something specific about this person.

5.) Make sure to separate your business cards from the cards you receive from other people. This will help you stay better organized.
6.) If you can provide referrals, services, or products, do so....this shows Good Will!!
7.) Take part in the informal networking sessions at the end to build a stronger rapport with participants.
8.) Be direct, and avoid polite conversation (of course, don't be mean and cold, but this is a business opportunity, so show your strong business side), and make sure to send out some kind of follow up card to participants you had a strong connection with.

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Julie Magers Soulen said...

Great tips for networking! Thanks for visiting me too. :)

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