Monday, June 29, 2009


I am slowly but surely getting all my products together to list on my ETSY shop. I really am so excited about this new venture. I really enjoy looking at other crafters products and postings, and blogs. I really am new to the whole BLOG phenomena and I am so loving it.

I would like to welcome ALL bloggers! Come, and stop on by. Whatever is on your mind, and hey, if you like my pics, let me know. OR, if there is something I could improve, also, let me know.

Take a look at what I will be listing next on my ETSY shop.....BATH SALTS

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pollicino said...

Hello, I have visited your interesting blog , come and get you advertising on my blog.Put your link in comments,or in followers, on my blog pass visitors from 190 countries.Hallo

Serendipity Soap Works said...

Hi Pollicino, WOW!:)...did my blog actually reach across the pond? Thanks so much for stopping by. I would really appreciate a posting of my link on your blog. It is: OR my ETSY shop at

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