Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have just posted my bath salts. My goal is to have ALL my items listed before we go on vacation next weekend.

I would love to have this blog be a place where people can talk about....really just about anything, but I would really like to talk about soap stuff, like recipes, techniques, packaging ideas, promotion ideas, etc.

I'm still learning the ins and outs, but I would love for this blog to be a welcoming site for people who want to promote their online business or just to come post comments.


Denise said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't know your email so I will share my advice for you here (you don't need to publish to your blog because it is more directed to you and not really a comment on your post :) I am still fairly new to blogging too. Have only been blogging about a year and daily since September. I have features on a daily basis although this is somewhat flexible and can change depending on what is happening in my life. I don't just focus on Etsy as there are many bloggers not on Etsy (or even interested) so I try to keep it somewhat broad about life. I also bore easily so this gives me some change when I crave it and widens your ability to write about many things. I enjoy joining "blog groups" and have been really enjoying the photography group posts on Wednesday (Wordless Wednesday) and Fridays (Friday shoot out). I like joining these kind of groups because it exposes you to a whole different world of people (many not on Etsy)

Don't know that anything here is helpful to you but I think keeping things broad to appeal to people on and off Etsy is important (it can also give you more exposure through Google) good luck - you're off to a good start.

I'm sure Tutorials or more info of your artistic process is enjoyed by many online. take care - Denise

Serendipity Soap Works said...

Hi Denise. Thanks for the very helpful advice. I saw your blog and was just very impressed with your layout, the colors and design. Very welcoming and warm. I will have to check out "blog groups" and start chatting with different people on there. Thank you again! Have a good 4th.

Kris said...

Hi there!! I saw you following me (lol) and returned the favor! I hope you're considering what I contacted you about on Etsy....I have a lot of respect for people who can make soap....I've done it but it's just not my "thing" at this point in life lol. I am truly amazed at the dedication and creativity of folks like yourself. I would be honored to help you promote your shop if your stuff smells and works half as well as it looks!

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